Our Philosophy

     For the Solera team, daily visits to the gym is one of our favorite ways of staying active, and maybe yours, but we also recognize that active lifestyles go beyond the fitness centers. Full time workers, dedicated athletes, avid hobbyists, busy parents, fisherman, hikers, the list goes on; they each fall under the category we refer to as the active lifestyle. And whether you’re one of those I listed, or multiple, you understand that it’s not easy, physically and mentally, performing as required, but it’s rewarding and the fulfillment it brings is worth the hard and sometimes stressful work.

     We stay active to take care of our being, but it’s imperative we take care of our being while we’re active. Proper care involves good habits in our diet and nutrition, mental health, and use of time. The goal is to balance all three, but maintaining that balance can prove to be difficult at times. The important part is recovering when one of those, or all of them, slip.

     If you’re struggling to begin working towards your goals, we encourage you to write them down physically and put it them somewhere that you’ll see them everyday. Whether it’s your night stand, bedroom mirror, refrigerator or laptop; having a reminder each day is vitally important. We’re not useless creatures; God has great things in store for all of us and has given us the ability to achieve the goals we set in place.

Never giving up and getting back up are acquired skills. You’ve got to live it to be it.


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