Solera officially made its way into the public eye in October 2021; launching its first line of sleek, classy, and comfortable fitness wear. Prior to the companies debut, a vision for avant-garde lifestyle/fitness clothing was shared by Solera's founders and became the companies purpose. Activewear goes beyond the gym and in a fast paced world, sometimes what's needed is a comfortable+stylish outfit to get the job done the way you want. Knowing this, Solera sought out the top quality material and designs in order to assure the go-getter is able to achieve their goals while sporting aesthetic apparel.

     Performance wear has been designed to hug tightly to the skin; practical in some cases, but not ideal for a versatile shirt that can be worn at the gym, at the grocery store, in the classroom, etc. Our clothes fit well for any occasion. 

Solera's 50/50 Poly Cotton blend allows for:

-Well fit clothing on your body without feeling like vacuum sealed produce.

-Active moisture soaking material for gym days and outdoor activities.

-Long lasting wear.

-Resistant to shrinkage.

Solera's minimalistic design:

-Organized and simple.

-Creates a sharp appearance.

-Multifunctional wear. (Gym, school, hiking, bicycle ride, beach, etc.)

Solera’s Shirt Functionality:

-Firm neck line (no saggy collar).

-Light material (preventing skin irritation and getting too hot).

-Double needle stitching.

-Durable and easy to clean (needed after a good workout).

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