Our Philosophy

     For the Solera team, daily visits to the gym is one of our favorite ways of staying active, and maybe yours, but we also recognize that active lifestyles go beyond the fitness centers. Full time workers, dedicated athletes, avid hobbyists, busy parents, fisherman, hikers, the list goes on; they each fall under the category we refer to as the active lifestyle. And whether you’re one of those I listed, or multiple, you understand that it’s not easy, physically and mentally, performing as required, but it’s rewarding and the fulfillment it brings is worth the hard and sometimes stressful work.      We stay active to take care of our being, but it’s imperative we take care of our...

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     Solera officially made its way into the public eye in October 2021; launching its first line of sleek, classy, and comfortable fitness wear. Prior to the companies debut, a vision for avant-garde lifestyle/fitness clothing was shared by Solera's founders and became the companies purpose. Activewear goes beyond the gym and in a fast paced world, sometimes what's needed is a comfortable+stylish outfit to get the job done the way you want. Knowing this, Solera sought out the top quality material and designs in order to assure the go-getter is able to achieve their goals while sporting aesthetic apparel.      Performance wear has been designed to hug tightly to the skin; practical in some cases, but not ideal...

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